Month: December 2019

  • Episode 1×12 – “Shades of Grey”

    Join us as we discuss Episode 1×12 – “Shades of Grey” in which we meet the worst character ever and the guy who was trying to murder elderly holocaust survivors […]

  • Episode 1×11 – “An Impossible Silence”

    Join us as we discuss Episode 1×11 – “An Impossible Silence” wherein cops are murdering people and Quark is the sewer switchboard operator. Catherine puts a witness in danger and […]

  • Episode 1×10 – “A Children’s Story”

    Matt join us as we discuss Episode 1×10 – “A Children’s Story” in which Children are being sold in a wacky Oliver Twist-esque scheme and Catherine becomes a murderer. Email: […]

  • Episode 1×09 – “Dark Spirit”

    Join us as we discuss Episode 1×09 – “Dark Spirit” wherein Catherine has a run-in with voodoo and things get super kooky. We meet Narcissa and see some truly groundbreaking […]