Month: January 2021

  • Episode 3×11 – “The Reckoning”

    Join us for Episode 3×11 – “The Reckoning” where there’s a new detective that is probably less sympathetic than the crazed serial killer that is running amok. Meanwhile Father abandons […]

  • Episode 3×09 – “Invictus”

    Join us for Episode 3×09 – “Invictus” in which Gabriel talks a lot. Also, we pretty much wrap everything up in this not-quite-a-series-finale. We are all quite concerned about the […]

  • Episode 3×08 – “Chimes at Midnight”

    Join us for Episode 3×08 – “Chimes at Midnight” wherein Diana does an amazing escape and Vincent walks into a trap that will undoubtedly lead to many murders. We attempt […]