Month: December 2020

  • Episode 3×10 – “In the Forests of the Night”

    Join us for Episode 3×10 – “In the Forests of the Night ” in which Rolley returns to the tunnels after being shot by the worst guy and Vincent goes […]

  • Episode 3×07 – “A Time to Heal”

    Join us for Episode 3×07 – “A Time to Heal” wherein Diana takes in a wounded lion man and he trashes her cozy home. Also we dive deep into hottest […]

  • Episode 3×06 – “Beggar’s Comet”

    Join us for Episode 3×06 – “Beggar’s Comet” in which Elliot takes another hearty try at fatally exploding into the water also Diana finally sees Vincent while on a cozy […]

  • Episode 3×05 – “Snow”

    Join us for Episode 3×05 – “Snow ” wherein super badass assassin Lance Henriksen is on the scene and it’s sass-lion hunting season. How did we not know that this […]

  • Episode 3×04 – “Nevermore”

    Join us for Episode 3×04 – “Nevermore ” in which Vincent meets up with Elliot to compare hairstyles and Diana gets a little creepy. Email: Twitter: Subscribe to […]