Month: August 2020

  • Episode 2×15 – “The Watcher”

    Join us for Episode 2×15 – “The Watcher” in which a creep peeper stalks, kidnaps, and murders Catherine. Whether he is employed by Father or Jenny, we aren’t sure. Email: […]

  • Episode 2×14 – “When the Blue Bird Sings”

    Join us for Episode 2×14 – “When the Blue Bird Sings” wherein Catherine has to deal with a creeper thieving ghost and Jenny Aronson who is definitely the leader of […]

  • Episode 2×13 – “Arabesque”

    Join us for Episode 2×13 – “Arabesque” in which we learn more about Creepy Teen Vincent’s secret murder boner and how father was always the worst. The murder totals continue […]