Month: July 2020

  • Episode 2×12 – “Orphans”

    Join us as we Episode 2×12 – “Orphans” wherein Catherine’s father dies leading her into a downward spiral of fashion anarchy. Also, Pennywise the clown stops by and we learn […]

  • Episode 2×11 – “The Outsiders”

    Join us as we Episode 2×11 – “The Outsiders” wherein we find ourselves in a straight-up horror movie as some herda-hada mutants invade and start terrorizing the tunnel world. Email: […]

  • Episode 2×10 – “A Gentle Rain”

    Join us as we Episode 2×10 – “A Gentle Rain” in which Catherine is the worst, much like the entire concept of justice and punishment via the state. How is […]