Month: October 2020

  • Episode 2×22 – “The Rest Is Silence”

    Join us for Episode 2×22 – “The Rest Is Silence” wherein Vincent is going black lodge Vincent and taking out Catherine’s apartment along the way. It’s a wild ending to […]

  • Episode 2×21 – “Ceremony of Innocence”

    Join us for Episode 2×21 – “Ceremony of Innocence” in which Paracelsus pulls a real Paracelsus and then we learn just how fucked up Paracelsus is. It’s a real wild […]

  • Episode 2×20 – “What Rough Beast”

    Will joins us for Episode 2×20 – “What Rough Beast” wherein a reporter realizes that there is an unusually high number of brutal maulings happening and Paracelsus hatches a plan […]

  • Episode 2×19 – “The Hollow Men”

    Join us for Episode 2×19 – “The Hollow Men” in which rich kids are murdering people for fun. Vincent is appalled by the brutal murder and responds as per usual… […]