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  • Episode 1×05 – “Masques”

    Elizabeth and Matt join us as we discuss Episode 1×05 – “Masques”wherein Vincent goes out for Halloween to meet a beloved ‘Irish’ author. We witness a truly amazing array of […]

  • Episode 1×04 – “No Way Down”

    Join us as we discuss Episode 1×04 – “No Way Down” in which Vincent gets snatched up by a gang of supposedly well dressed hoodlums. Also Father gets mad at […]

  • Episode 1×03 – “Siege”

    Join us as we discuss Episode 1×03 – “Siege” wherein a rich developer is attacking elderly holocaust survivors to get them out of their rent-controlled apartments. Vincent comes to their […]

  • Episode 1×02 – “Terrible Savior”

    Join us as we discuss Episode 1×02 – “Terrible Savior” in which a subway vigilante/furry is murdering people. Catherine thinks it might be her furry lion-man boyfriend that killed a […]

  • Episode 1×01 – “Once Upon a Time in the City of New York”

    Join us as we delve into the underground world of sassiest sewer-lion of the 80’s. Linda Hamilton is wearing a lot of things and Ron Perlman is truly the master […]

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